From There to Here…


Today I’m going to cover, well…today!

Baby and I live in a small apartment, in a big city, in Germany.

I’ve lived in Europe twice now–I finished high school here, and then went home to go to university, and am now back–and both times it was a seemingly impossibly daunting task, leaving home and living in a country whose language I don’t speak.

This time I’ve been here over two years, and I can’t imagine leaving Europe.

It’s hard to imagine even leaving Germany.
There are so many great things about this country especially for the pet parent.

Germany has very strict rules (for every walk of life) not excluding keeping animals. There are restrictions as to the size of cage needed for small animals to ensure that they have enough space. If you adopt a small creature that’s an omnivore in the wild, like a hedgehog, you are required to feed it meat as well as pellets or veggie matter. And dogs in most places must have liability insurance, are frequently extremely well trained, and can go almost anywhere with you.

That’s right.

Living with a dog in Germany is something like paradise.

If I need to go shopping downtown, I can bring Baby with me. If I need to take the bus, Baby can take it with me. If I want to go out to eat, Baby can go inside most restaurants with me–not just on the patio.

These people love their pets like nothing else, and I think it’s fabulous.

We’ve had our share of awkward moments–Baby is sometimes more friendly than the natives we run into are used to, and she’s not always the biggest fan of other dogs whilst on the leash–but as I’m sure you’ve experienced, in the pet blogging community if nothing else, dog people are often extremely understanding.

We’re all working together towards a common goal of changing pet parenting for the more responsible.


So I spend my morning, noon, and nights with my pretty Baby girl, walking, hiking, and adventuring. During the day I teach art to school aged kiddoes at an after school program. And after all that I fall into bed at night to that cute brindle face snuffling quietly into my shoulder.

It can be hard work.

It’s exhausting.

But it’s all worth it, every moment.


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