And it Begins…


I adopted Baby from a rescue in Hungary on July 24, 2014.

Her name then was Katie, and she was a dusty, lonely girl abandoned in the yard of a house whose people had moved away, leaving her there. She lived on a chain, and got food and water when people in town remembered or cared to look after her. The kind people at Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony took her in, posted her pictures online, and the rest as they say, is history.

A slew of emails, a few viewings of Dirty Dancing, and a long van ride later, and she was my Baby.

Almost a year later, we live in Germany. We spend our time training, having adventures, and taking a bajillion pictures to document our time together. My intentions for the blog are to put some words to those pictures, and become an active part of the pet blogging community that has helped me so much in the past ten months with turning Baby from a hungry street dog into the goofy, rambunctious, cuddlebug that she is today.

I’m bringing up Baby.

The baby dog.


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